New adventure bikes will get you to places you thought you would never imagine. Once you put all your luggage, navigation equipment and oversize tank on the current crop of bikes they can gain as much as 50-65 pounds and sometimes more. Adventure bikes can’t handle the extra weight and like most dual sport bikes have no adjustability. Some of the suspension components are non-rebuild able. The beauty of the adventure bike is it can be ridden for long periods of time on pavement relatively comfortably but once on the dirt the lack of adjustability becomes obvious. We have ways of modifying the shock and making it serviceable to accept aftermarket shock pistons for custom tuning. We can also install replacement shocks that are fully adjustable with compression and rebound and have external preload adjusters to fine tune the attitude of the bike. We can install valve kits or cartridge kits for the forks along with proper spring rates. You can also bring your bike by and have it set up and dialed in after these modifications.