Dual Sport

Dual sport bikes have suspension systems that seem to be an afterthought. Some of the places these bikes are ridden are way too extreme for the stock suspension. Most of the suspension on the bikes are non-adjustable. The first modification a rider should do to the suspension is to upgrade to firmer springs. However, with the firmer springs now holding the bike up in the stroke there is no way of controlling how fast the firmer springs rebound. STS Racing can make your dual sport bike capable of most any terrain, and have external adjusters for adjustability. We recommend valve emulators or cartridge kits for the front and hard coated shock bodies and adjustable shock components for the rear. The beauty of having the adjustability is as the terrain gets rougher, a simple click of the adjusters on the side of the trail and presto problem solved. Try that with your stock Kawasaki KLR or Suzuki DR!