(all parts, fluids, and taxes extra)

Forks – Showa, KYB, WP

Oil Change: $99.00. Disassemble and clean in solvent tank; flush old fluid and replace with new Maxima Hi Performance 5 wt fluid; bleed, set fluid level and adjust spring preload. We recommend changing suspension fluid every 20 to 25 hours.

Rebuild: $120.00. Completely disassemble, clean and inspect for any worn or damaged parts, reassemble using high quality Maxima Hi Performance 5wt fluid (modify free piston if necessary).

Rebuild with Pressure Springs: $145.00. With the rebuild, we recommend to the customer to install the proper rate pressure springs as they alter the pressure in the cartridge chamber giving the fork a smoother and controlled dampening condition. The stiffer the spring the firmer the feel, lighter springs are usually used for off road and lighter riders.

Re-valve: $200.00. Disassemble, complete solvent tank cleaning, check all bushings seals and o-rings; reconfigure the valving for the individual rider and terrain using all new shims; and perform internal modifications. This modification will greatly improve traction and control as well as inspire confidence.

Competition Quality Valve
Competition Level Re-valve: $300.00. Disassemble, clean all fork internals and check bushings, seals and o-rings; install custom valving specs. For the individual; install pressure springs and a high flow valve body and all new shims; refill with Maxima Hi Performance 5 wt fluid; set oil level.

Fork Lowering

Install custom-made spacers to lower the level of the forks to suit the vertically challenged rider. With all fork lowering we recommend a re-valve as well as shorter fork springs with a proper spring rate. This modification can be easily reversed when selling your bike (call for pricing).


Fluid Change: $99.00. Disassemble, and clean in solvent tank; refill with Maxima Hi Performance 3 wt fluid and recharge with nitrogen. It is recommended to change the suspension fluid every 20 to 25 hours.

Rebuild: $120.00. Disassemble, clean and inspect the shock internals; check the shock bladder for wear; check all the valve shims for fatigue cracks or damage; check shock body bore for any wear; replace o-rings, seals and bushings, if necessary; Refill with Maxima Hi Performance 3 wt fluid; bleed shock; recharge with nitrogen.

Re-valve: $200.00. Clean shock internals; replace and reconfigure valving to suit the riders weight, ability and type of terrain; refill with Maxima Hi Performance 3 wt fluid; bleed shock; recharge with nitrogen.
Competition Level Re-valve

Competition Level Re-valve: $300.00. Completely disassemble, and clean the shock; replace the valving with custom valving specs.; install a high flow valve body; replace the high speed compression spring with a special rate spring that improves the ride over sharp square edge bumps as well hard g-outs; refill with Maxima suspension fluid; bleed of all air, and recharge with nitrogen.

Competition Re-valve for WP Shock
Competition Re-valve for WP Shock: Disassemble, clean in solvent tank, reconfigure the valving to suit the individual riders ability and the terrain they are riding on, replace both hi and low speed stock valve bodies with hi volume valve bodies, install a bladder conversion kit, as well as a telescopic needle reassemble fill with Maxima Hi Performance 3wt fluid and recharge with nitrogen (Call for pricing).

Shock Lowering: Install custom made travel limiter; re-valve suspension to suit the rider’s weight and ability. When limiting the shock travel, we recommend to you to re-valve the shock to compensate for the different spring rate that will generally come with this modification (call for pricing).

Other Services

  • Wheel lacing and truing.
  • Linkage service.
  • Steering head service and replacement.
  • Track-side bike set-up.
  • KYB free piston mods.
  • Different length linkage pull rods.
  • VP Fuel retailer (VP 4.2 , C-12 etc.).
  • Steering damper rebuild and modifications


  • All the above service prices are based on the suspension components being already removed from the bike.
  • All suspension should be in a relatively clean condition – a fee of $25.00 will be charged to the customer for extra cleaning.

Dirty Shock