We specialize in setting up your off-road suspension. If you are a technical woods rider or just enjoy double track trails and fire roads we can tune your suspension to work for you not against you.

  • Complete line of springs for KYB and Showa.
  • Progressive springs for WP shocks.
  • Hi Flow valve bodies.
  • Kashima coated shock bodies.
  • Shock body hard anodizing.
  • Shock shaft DLC coating.
  • Shock shaft titanium nitrite coating.
  • Shock shaft rechroming.
  • Shock bottom out bumpers.
  • WP shock bladder conversion kits.
  • Showa and Kayaba replacement bladders.
  • Seal heads.
  • Shock bushings.
  • Shock shaft oil and dust seals.
  • Preload rings.
  • Oversize bladder caps.
  • Hi speed compression springs.
  • Synthetic shock fluid 5 wt.

STS Kit Suspension Shocks:

The STS kit suspension for the shock consists of a Kashima coated shock body, DLC coated shock shaft with hard anodized shock clevis with a super adjustable rebound adjuster, competition series valving with a hi flow valve body, different rate high speed compression spring, rebound separator valve, and a hi volume bladder cap and a proper rate Titanium shock spring.


  • Showa, Kayaba and WP fork springs.
  • Twin chamber pressure springs.
  • Aftermarket triple clamps with many different offsets.
  • Steering dampers.
  • Carbon fibre fork air tanks.
  • Pro fork bleeders.
  • Kashima coated upper fork tubes.
  • Titanium nitrite coating.
  • DLC coating.
  • Fork body hard anodizing.
  • Fork inner and outer bushings.
  • Fork oil and dust seals.
  • Showa and Kayaba cartridge rod bushings.
  • Oil lock collars.
  • Cartirdge fork spring guides.
  • Synthetic fork fluid 5 wt.

STS Kit Suspension Forks:

At STS we offer a custom kit suspension consisting of Kashima coated outer tubes, DLC coated lower tubes with hard anodized axle lugs, full competition series valving with hi flow valve body, custom rate pressure springs, updated free pistons, hi flow rebound piston, works custom spring seats, oil lock collars and proper rate fork springs for rider.

This is what happens when you don’t service your shock!!!!

This shock was used hard for a season without any fluid change. The fluid broke down and caused the piston sealing ring to fail, which then caused the 2 o-rings underneath to fail. The failure allowed the shock piston to score the inside of the shock body. This shock is ruined!!!!! The bill for this is huge and could have been prevented with a simple fluid change.


STS has a fully equipped and stocked race support vehicle that will be at select events this season, to re-valve, rebuild or dial in your ride, come on by and we will answer all your suspension questions.