Mini Motocross

We have many ways to make your mini bike’s suspension better. Most minis suffer from poor suspension. There are a few bikes such as the new 2014 Kawasaki KX 85 that has good stock suspension that still could benefit from some STS tuning. We offer replacement cartridge kits for forks, special DLC coated sliders for less stiction, and valve kits. The shocks can be re-valved with Hi flow valve bodies. Some mini shocks need a hard anodize coating to stop the aluminum on the shock body from contaminating the oil .We also offer replacement shocks if the customer wants.

Mini Play Bike

For mini play bikes we get lots of shocks that are brought in that are blown. These shocks are non-re- buildable. We can make these serviceable with a little machining. For the forks we can install firmer springs as a lot of the play bikes are ridden by adults that are considerably heavier than the bike was intended for.