Sport Bike

Most sport bikes have adequate suspension. However when pushing hard on the road or on the track the deficiencies in the suspension becomes apparent. Usually you get the big nose dive feeling as soon as the brakes are applied hard or that scary mid corner twitch as you hit a bump.

For the front, with proper spring rates and valving changes you get forks that don’t dive excessively and are controlled and plush at the same time. Or you can take the next step in performance and have us install 25 mm fork cartridges in the forks, these kits are a must if you are serious about pushing the limits or just want the best ride possible. Each kit comes sprung and valved for each individual application.

For the rear, we set you up with the correct spring rate and valve the suspension to work in conjunction with the front. We offer many different shock replacement options from Penske, Elka, Ohlins, and Race Tech.